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Cheap Xerox Toner

Buying Xerox toner cartridges can be expensive, but when you shop at you can cut your printing bill by more than half! We offer a wide variety of replacement cheap Xerox toner cartridges for every type of printer. All of our refurbished Xerox laser toner cartridges have the same OEM standards you are used to, and are backed by a one-year warranty because we stand behind our quality! Do you have a Xerox Document Centre printer in the office? Try and start slashing office expenses today!

Are Refurbished Toner Cartridges Good?

When you learn more about it will become evident that not all companies that sell refurbished laser toner offer good products, but when you buy from you get replacement Xerox toner cartridges that are so good there is no difference from the brand new ones! While a lot of discount toner cartridge companies cut their own costs by using the same sponges and they don’t fill cartridges to capacity, operates at the highest standards. Our remanufacturing process is as follows:

• Visual inspection by certified technicians
• Replacing all internal parts with new ones
• Removing all waste ink and filling the cartridge to capacity with new ink
• Micro-weld sealing to prevent leaks
• Rigorous print tests under the supervision of a quality control expert
• Heat sealed in moisture proof packaging to ship to the customer’s door

With a process as detailed as this, and with a one-year warranty on every single refurbished Xerox toner cartridge, there is no risk on your end! Our products have a failure rate of less than 1 percent. It’s time to save money and join the ranks of our satisfied customers!

Customers Love Our Remanufactured Xerox Toner Cartridges!

Households and businesses save big bucks on our replacement Xerox Toners! Meet Anders, a law student who has a private bartending business that he operates on weekends. Anders has a Xerox Phaser printer that he uses to produce marketing fliers and drink menus. As a student Anders was looking to save money anywhere he could, so he phoned our customer care department and asked questions about our great deals on replacement Xerox toner. After using us for two years Anders sent us an amazing e-mail with this photo praising our company for saving him an average of $600 a year. Thank you Anders for remaining in our family!

Claim Cheap Prices on Xerox Toner Cartridges! 

Stop paying full retail on laser toner! Try our affordable refurbished Xerox toner cartridges today and let the savings fill your wallet with hundreds of dollars every year!